Complete Visual Distribution & Discreet Cinema Systems

We’re able to design, supply and install any size TV or projector solution. Whether you would like a modest and discrete set to complement your room or prefer a larger screen for an immersive cinema experience, we’re able to help. We have the knowledge and experience to create a beautifully tailed solution. Visual technology has progressed at a blistering pace in recent years, so you can rely on us to help you enjoy the very finest picture and sound quality currently available.

If you plan to have multiple TVs in your home, we can provide solutions to help connect all of your devices to them with minimal fuss. Your Sky or Virgin boxes, along with other video devices, can be centrally located and the signal distributed to all the TVs in your home at high-resolution definition. This eliminates the ugly spaghetti of cables typically underneath or near TVs.

Our solutions also eliminate multiple and confusing remote controls. We can ensure easy and reliable control from all-in-one devices and tablets giving everyone easy access.

.Our home cinema installations can range from a simple fixed screen with speakers, to discreet systems hidden in the ceiling, or to a complete, dedicated cinema room, designed from the ground up. Whichever screen and sound options you prefer, and whether it’s installed in an existing room or dedicated place, your home cinema will be designed around you.

Dolby Atmos audio is a totally immersive cinematic sound system, revolutionary 3D sound formats place every element of the movie’s soundtrack carefully in the space around you, taking into account your room. We can advise on which experience fits your desires and budget.

We’ll project manage from start to finish, co-ordinating every aspect and minimising the inconvenience. We can provide acoustic treatment design and installation and ensure it is sympathetic to your interior design objectives.


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