Just like a vintage British sports car, Sonos is one of those products that just keeps getting more and more pleasurable to own over time. 
As such this week Sonos announced updates that will bring the following improvements to existing and new customers alike:

  • The ability to setup the home theatre with ease
  • Enhancements to the PLAY:1
  • Improved shuffling
  • Improved looks
  • Google Play integration

The ability to setup the home theatre with ease

A Sonos component is no longer required to be connected via Ethernet (hard-wired) to your router/modem in order to pair your SUB or surrounds to a PLAYBAR, however if your system is already setup (hard-wired) – no need to change a thing, leave it as is.

Enhancements to the PLAY:1

Improved the sound presence and clarity of the PLAY:1 giving much clearer vocal performance, and enhanced the bass performance when paired to a SUB.

Improved shuffling

The mixing ability has changed for the best; you can now activate the Shuffle toggle within the app.
This means that you are now able to see the shuffled listing, however if you’re not happy with the mix you can either turn the Shuffle option off or turn it off and back on again to get a new mixed queue listing.

Improved looks

As well as integrating the new icon for Radio by TuneIn album artwork has been blessed with much higher-resolution artwork, creating better use of space on a tablet and enhancing looks on both smartphone and tablet.

Google Play

The much called for addition of Google Play has been added, once you have selected Google Play from the Sonos menu you can see the recent activities, and also recommendations based on the time of day. The music service additions from Sonos are coming in thick and fast at the moment, no doubt Apple Music is on the horizon. If the 38 services currently available through Sonos are just not enough and you cannot wait until Apple Music is available through the Sonos app, please do get in touch and we will give you some (slightly convoluted) ways to stream Apple Music through your Sonos system.