If you have used an Apple device running iOS 6 within the last six months to control your Sonos system. If this device is no longer being used, or you have updated the device to iOS 7 (or later), please disregard this information. 

A Sonos software update is due to be released later this autumn which will include some changes to the functionality of Apple devices running iOS 6. When your device updates to our new software, you’ll find that the following commonly used features will continue to function: playing music, browsing your music library or music services, grouping rooms and adjusting volume and mute settings. 

However, as a Sonos controller on iOS 6 you will then have limited access to the Settings menu and will no longer be able to: 

  • Set up or add a new Sonos system 
  • Add new players
  • Add or remove music services
  • Adjust player EQ
  • Change system settings

For total functionality after the autumn update, Sonos will require iOS devices to then run on iOS 7 or higher. Therefore please be aware that iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch (4th Generation), which cannot be updated beyond iOS 6, will experience the limited functionality as described above. 

If you need access to any functionality no longer available on an iOS 6 controller, we recommend downloadingthe free software applications for Windows, Mac or Android on any device running a compatible operating system.