For some time now our Sonos customers in the UK have had the frustration of not being able to listen to BBC Radio through their Sonos in the way in which they had become accustom, especially live sport.

After many grumbles and a lot of hard work, Sonos have resolved the issue and are planning to deliver via HTTP Live streaming, resolving regional content restrictions and improving audio quality.

When prompted with the next firmware update on your Sonos system simply follow the simple steps to update and the BBC will be back to all its glory. Within this update it will include live streaming access to all BBC Radio music, news, sports, talk shows, and all other entertainment categories that you all love from the BBC Radio. The beauty of this update is it will bring best sounding audio and also fewer gaps in local sports coverages.

In addition to this exciting news, Sonos are also working with the BBC and TuneIn Radio to provide access to podcasts and archived content, hopefully this will be available sometime next year, however keep checking back and we’ll happily provide you all with an update.?

The new update will be releasing next week, unfortunately some bad news for Audible audiobook lovers! This service will no longer play over Sonos. Sonos are working together with the Audible team to not only bring the experience back as soon as possible but to also have it be the best one possible.