Tucked away in the side streets of Latimer road brings style and a hidden array of home technology. Whole house retrofit light control allows us to utilise the infrastructure and add many elements along the way. A 20m pathway allowed us to add a DoorBird Door Entry system, we then added an in-wall touch screen to be able to view who is at the gate. The discreet in-ceiling sound system was delivered by Bluesound which literally made the house shake. As you can tell by the artwork in the main reception room, our client was a true music enthusiast and pleased with our specification. 

Door Entry

We can specify and supply a number of door entry systems. They make your entrance appealing with a simple push button, this will then notify you on your portable devices and/or touch screens around your home. This will give you function to allow entry remotly, have a 2-way conversation with or be used as another camera for your property focused at your drive way for instance. 

Lighting Control

We love working with your lighting designers and electrician to make your home come to life with the lighting control. For example, on this project, we have added timers and sequences for the outside house lights to illuminate at sunset. Set the house to away mode and have our automation systems guide your house to think its occupied to steer away intruders. 

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