This penthouse flat in the heart of Borough, Central London has been a great ongoing project. Problems with a lift shaft in the centre of the property meant Wifi signal was being lost so we addressed this with strategically placed access points. Our client had a keen interest in high-quality audio so we supplied him with top of the range amps connected with Sonos, that allowed simple control from anywhere in the property. 

All In One Remote

Our one remote solution eliminate the need for multiple controllers. With a single press of a button, this will launch a navigator on your screen to easily bring you the media service you desire. You can walk out of your living room and again using one ‘Room Off’ feture, all AV turns off and you could also intergrate your smart lighting also. 

Wireless Access Points

Our wireless networking is based on a business grade product range. The mass produced standard routes are lacking the power needed in this evolving technology world. We consult on the positioning and product specifics to provide you with a robust networking backbone to manage any device. 

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