Networking & Home Automation

The Backbone Of The Technology In Your Home 

Modern life has become a connected life.

Connectivity has become as important as plumbing and electricity. The performance of your home network is an essential consideration when designing the technology in your home.  We always ensure that as well as having great Wi-Fi reception throughout your home, your network is high performance and reliable to make the most of your broadband connection.  All of this is important for when you are streaming music and video as well as working from home.

Our team have extensive knowledge and experience in specifying and commissioning robust networks.  The systems we employ have an element of cloud monitoring so that we can provide fast and efficient after care service remotely. We can install cable infrastructures to create a complete network for both wireless and wired technology, giving you the most reliable and efficient wireless roaming and data access.

Only with your permission, we will implement a remote management process on our servers that alert us immediately when issues arise. Often we have fixed problems before you know one exists, leaving you blissfully unaware and, more importantly, connected. If the worst happens and your network is down, our systems are designed to not leave you high and dry. Security is paramount and so we implement secure and/or guest access to your precious home network.

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