Multi-Room TV allows you to share mutliple set-top boxes such as Sky, Virgin Media Tivo, Blueray, DVD, XBox, Apple TV to any television in your home. At the same time you can easily control the devices.

Previously this was expensive and required complex cabling. No longer. You can now do this over a single cable.

Called “matrix switching” you can easily lose all the ugly cables, plugs and boxes from your viewing area and locate them discretely out of sight. Perfect for minimalists.

A multi-room TV system package comprises a matrix-switching hub connected over Cat5/6 ethernet cable to a small remote “balun” hidden behind the TV which, in turn, is connected to your TV’s HDMI input. the power to the balun is carried over the ethernet cable link (known as PoE – power over ethernet).

Simply Sound and Vision supply and install HDMI matrix switches from HDanywhere and CYP. Call us to discuss your specific requirements and what’s required to provide.