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Music is an excellent way to enjoy your time at home. Listen to your favourite radio station while you make breakfast in the morning, explore new music from streaming services in the evening or entertain your guests when you are with friends and family.

We have been multi-room audio specialists since 2005 so we have lots of experience in creating music solutions for every budget. Excellent quality speakers and amplifiers combined with the latest technology can provide exceptional sound quality to enjoy your music. Ceiling speakers can hide everything away for a clean décor. Regardless of the solution we put together, you can be sure that it will be easy and simple to use.

Audio systems have become considerably more sophisticated, more innovative and easier to use. Whether you prefer to immerse yourself in music or want a full cinematic experience, the possibilities are endless.

Sound streamed wirelessly to every room in the house, discrete speakers installations with all the performance and none of the intrusion or purist audiophile systems that allow you to rediscover your music. We’re not tied to particular components, so we can provide precisely what you want from the best brands in the business.

Music Distribution

The systems we install can either integrate directly with the music files on your tablet or smartphone, stream from the multitude of cloud-based serviced or use a central server where the whole family can store their music in bit perfect quality.

Speaker Specification

We already work with some of the world’s finest names in speaker technology. If you have a personal preference, our independence means we’re able to accommodate it.

App Controlled Music

State of the art Airplay 2 technology makes multi-room audio easier than ever before. How you manage your sound system is up to you, with the option of simple touchpads, your phone, physical buttons or voice control.

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