Lighting & Blinds Control

Tailored Scenes To Transform Your Surroundings 

There’s something inherently impressive about the power of light to transform your surroundings.

Our intelligent lighting and blind systems allow you to set the mood with a single command. You can change the ambience completely, one setting for watching television, another for reading and another for entertaining. This can be controlled from a single screen, voice commands, remotely using an app, or programmed in advance. We can tailor your system to suit you.

Control all (or some) of your lighting and blinds using simple, illuminated, label buttons, wireless touch screens, your voice or remotely via an app, downloaded to your mobile device.

Pre-programme your lights/blinds for added security while you’re out. Motion sensors can trigger a specific sequence, such as when you arrive home. We can automate scenes, such as garden light and water features to come on automatically at dusk and switch off at bedtime.

Once the lighting is positioned and installed for optimum effect, you can create your own pre-set ‘scenes’ depending on how the room is being used and the mood you want to create.

We’re not tied to particular components, so we can provide precisely what you want from the best brands in the business.

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Lighting & Blinds Control

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