Whether you are listening at home, in the park, while commuting, or exercising, we can help you make the right decision that will reward you with thousands of hours of happy listening.

We have put our collective experience together to come up with a simple to follow guide that will demystify the jargon and put you in a position to make the right choice with confidence.



In ear/around ear clip in ear  

These headphones are the most common headphones seen, and in the majority of cases offer a superb upgrade to the standard issue items seen when purchasing most MP3 players or smart phones. They insert directly into your ear canal and due to the fact they are small and lightweight are ultra-mobile. These are ideal for those who love to listen to their favourite music while living and active lifestyle. Almost all in ear/around ear headphones will be open backed.


On ear


On ear headphones offer a big upgrade in sound to in ear headphones. They have a headband that rests over your head and pads that sit on your ear applying light pressure to the ear. As they dont cup around your ear you not only benefit from great sound, but good special awareness when mobile too. These are ideal for whimsical sunny afternoons in the in the park and light commuters alike.


Over ear

Full size over ear headphones are similar to on-ear headphones, however they fully enclose the ear. This design gives the best sound available, and almost entirely isolates you from external noise. Ideal for frequent commuters, or those looking to a completely submerse in their favourite music.



Noise Cancelling – Battery powered headphones that create ‘anti-noise’, effectively eliminating background noise such as train engines, chit chat, and other external noise, while increasing audibility, allowing you to listen at lower volumes with less likelihood of sound leaking and frustrating those nearby who are not lucky enough to have their own headphones. When choosing a pair of noise cancelling headphones it is worth considering battery life between charges, and recharging methods, particularly if you have long regular journeys.

Noise Isolating – Using the physical design of the headphones to reduce sound coming in from the outside world disturbing your listening. Noise isolating headphones are not quite as effective as noise cancelling headphones, but do produce a much more natural, accurate, clear sound.

Open Backed – With the rear of the headphones open any headphone vibration is eliminated and unwanted sounds don’t reflect around the headphones internally, great for uncompromising sound quality in a quiet home, not so good for use on public transport as you will be sharing your music with those around you!

Closed Back – While some of the music quality might be lost in comparison to the open backed headphones, closed back headphones help to block out background noise and don’t disturb those around you. Closed back headphones are by far the most popular choice, owing to their fantastic sound quality, and versatility.

Bluetooth – Let’s cut out the wires. The best way of transmitting music wirelessly over short distance. From the music player in your pocket or bag, straight to your headphones. These headphones are battery powered. Look out for Bluetooth headphones bearing the ‘aptX’ logo, this is a guarantee the headphones will produce very high quality authentic sound.

I am a runner
In ear/ Around ear noise isolating open back
I am frequent train commuter
On ear/over ear noise isolating/noise cancelling closed back
I fly regularly
Over ear noise cancelling
I want to listen at home in privacy
On ear/Over ear open backed
I listen to my music through headphones in an open office
On ear noise isolating.