Simply Sound & Vision’s Demonstration suite in Teddington is an ideal place to audition Sonos. Equipped with the entire Sonos product range from Play:3 to a full Dolby 5.1 PlayBar home theatre setup there is no better place to come and listen to and ask questions about Sonos.

Auditioning audio equipment in a store environment is frequently disappointing. Background noise and interruptions make it a less than satisfactory experience. By having a dedicated suite, not dissimilar to a home environment you get to experience your audition as you will enjoy your music at home.

In addition, you will be hosted by a specialist who is able to answer your questions fully.

If home integration is your goal, then you’ve come to the right place too. We are one of very few locations where you can audition a range of different in-ceiling speakers. We have ranges from BluCube, Bowers and Wilkins and Monitor Audio on demonstration connected to Sonos CONNECT:AMPs. We can, if you prefer, conduct “blind” auditions so that you can choose your favourite sounding speakers without being influenced by brand name or price! You may actually be pleasantly surprised by your choice when you do this. In our experience, and in more cases than not, in blind tests customers choose our best price performing speakers anyway. Come and listen for yourself.

Parking is free right outside our offices. We conduct personal demonstrations and ask that you notify us of your desired date and time to avoid diary clashes. Contact us here.