What a brilliant event, we hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and what a spectacular show from the Sonos PLAY:5. With a lot of requests to for pre-orders at the show, we are keen to keep you informed of the official release date and pre-order commencement date, keep an eye on our site and in your inboxes for further information.

We haven’t seen a new product from Sonos for around 2 years clearly they have been busy perfecting software and ultimately user experience.

Within the 2 years Sonos has managed to:

  • Remove the requirement for a wired connection to a router
  • Enhanced PLAY:1 and PLAYBAR sound reproduction via free software updates
  • A few more iterations of its app – Enhanced user experience and support for more services

The main focus was on improvement; it’s now time for the hardware to take the driving seat. We are incredibly impressed with the redesign of the new PLAY:5 in so many ways, from its appearance, new gesture features, build quality and of course, the sound it produces!

Quick word from two of our experts:

Simon Lever
“The quality of the detail, the bass and the soundstage coming from the stereo-pair of PLAY:5s we had at the first UK customer audition event took me by complete surprise. I immediately visualised where I would put them in my family room as soon as I can get my hands on two. Since we’ll make sure our customers get the opportunity to own them first, and initial stock will be limited, I guess I will have to wait a little longer than I’d like”
Kris Rogers
“The one thing that struck me with the new Play:5 is its ability to go loud – and I mean really loud. The way it keeps clarity and expression in the midrange is astonishing. Like Simon I immediately started wondering how many of these I could stuff in my house! The Trueplay software is amazing. The room we were in was far from speaker friendly, but once calibrated with Trueplay, the speaker sounded like we were in a perfect room! Can I really justify one in the garage?”

Further details on the Sonos PLAY:5 click here.

Further information about Sonos Trueplay click here.