“My wireless system is not working…”

This is a situation we are often faced with – you bought your system, plugged it in, and nothing happens or more frustrating in that it has been working fine for weeks and now decides to stop.




At Simply Sound and Vision we’ve been fixing wireless issue for customers for years. We’re specialists in Sonos, of course, but our skills don’t stop there. We’re equally comfortable talking about other wireless technologies such

as Airplay and Bluetooth. But the majority of issues we deal with point back to that small box with the flashing lights tucked away in a dark corner somewhere – your router.

It’s not such an unknown entity as it was a few years ago, but a bad performing device can still throw some unexpected spanners into your Wi-Fi works.

The Wireless Router.

This beast can be responsible for any number of woes and hours of frustration. Some of the typical issues that we routinely help our customers with are:

  • My new router won’t connect to the internet
  • I forgot the password to my router – when all else fails!
  • I can’t connect my new wireless player to my router
  • My network is slow
  • When I move to another room in the house, the Wi-Fi signal drops


Of all the calls we get the last two are probably the most common, there are some easy checks and ways to resolve these and the rest of the above, we are always happy to work with you to resolve a problem.



We cannot get away from it, there has to be some means of linking our home to the big wide internet and to control who and what connects to our network, after all you don’t want little Billy who lives next door, eating all your expensive bandwidth whilst playing the latest Call Of Duty 23 hours a day!

Underlying all of this is a fairly complex set of responsibilities for a small, inexpensive device to perform. Increasingly we are also asking it to manage other forms of media, such as films and images being streamed throughout the house and across the internet. Even if you are fortunate to have some form of high-speed internal wiring (CAT5/6 cabling) the router is still your primary connection to the internet.

Most routers manage to do all these jobs reasonably well for the vast majority of the time. But when it begins to act up, you’re likely to forget the fact that it functioned flawlessly for weeks, or even months, at a time. Sometimes rather than a total failure its a slow reduction in performance with pages not being refreshed as quickly as usual or the on-demand movie pausing every few minutes.

A lot of issues can be prevented by some planning and preparation before deciding on the system and what Wi-Fi configuration is needed to support this in the longer term, which of course we regularly do for our customers.

It is possible for You to solve many of these Wi-Fi problems, we here at Simply Sound and Vision are happy to help our customers to diagnose and fix your issues, failing that a call-out is always possible where practical, it’s a long way from Teddington to Inverness – slightly less from Harrogate! Our aim is to let you enjoy your AV installation to the max, having spent time, effort and of course money on your system. 


Our full guides on Multi-room Audio and Wireless Speakers are available online, as are ones for Music Streaming and Streaming Services just follow the links.

Our approach is to keep it down to earth. Because we use what we sell and sell what we use, we stand by our approach because we have learned what works in our own homes so that we can make the best recommendations for what will work in yours.

You can give us a call or look are the pages here and purchase one or more Wi-Fi enabled players such as the delightful PLAY:1 through to the top of the range room filling PLAY:5 get them delivered to you next day, plug them in and download the App and away you go, a simple and easy way to a complete home wireless music system. If you would like to confirm with us that your Wi-Fi configuration will support your requirements, then just give us a call or send an email.

You might like to to integrate your existing Hi-Fi system and turn that into a music player able to ‘stream all the music on earth’ if so, then the Sonos CONNECT is ideal, such wireless solutions are so easy to implement with the minimum of disruption. Need more of a custom installation for Home Cinema or those ‘difficult’ rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, then why not use some In-Ceiling or In-Wall speakers with a CONNECT:AMP to drive them, again the minimum of fuss and wires.

Wireless is the way to go and we can guarantee that your experience will be enhanced when dealing with Simply Sound and Vision.